Student Life at CPA

What is a Consumable?
There are two types of books that students will use: Depository Books and Consumables.
1. Depository Books (Textbooks) are provided by the school and are handed out on the first day of school. Many families also purchase extra copies of textbooks for home (used copies of the textbooks are usually fairly inexpensive), but it is completely optional to do so.
2. Consumables are books that students are responsible for purchasing. These books will include workbooks, literature books, and other books that students need to write in. All the literature consumables are considered Great Books. Students will be annotating in these books and using them in class throughout the year. The teachers will tell students when to bring in each book. Through their academic years, students will build a personal library which acts as a necessary reference for their senior thesis. Consumables may be purchased anywhere, but if you choose to buy books from Amazon, please consider using the Amazon Smile Program. Amazon gives back a portion of your purchase to the school, if you designate Chandler Preparatory Academy as your Amazon Smile recipient. Note: if cost is a concern please inform the front office, there are usually a limited number of copies available to borrow.

Where can I buy uniforms?
Visit the Uniform page for information. Be sure to consult the school uniform dress code before you buy your uniforms. The dress code is described in the Family Handbook which is updated each year.

What is Lyceum?
Every day immediately following lunch, there is a block of time (25 minutes) called Lyceum. This time is used for student support activities. Students can attend tutoring sessions, participate in enrichment activities, or work on homework. Students will also usually have the option of going to the gym or field. Occasionally, school gatherings, such as assemblies, take place during Lyceum. Lyceum gives students the opportunity to attend tutoring sessions during the school day, rather than before or after school. It is also a great way for students to get a small head start on their homework.

What is Tutoring?
Attending tutoring is highly encouraged by faculty. It is valuable to ALL students of all abilities; those who need extra assistance as well as for excelling students who would like to ask additional questions or study for upcoming quizzes and exams. Most teachers have Lyceum tutoring. Some teachers may have before or after school tutoring hours. All teachers will let their classes know their tutoring hours at the beginning of the year. Parents also receive this information at curriculum night.

What is an R&R weekend?
An R&R (Rest & Relaxation) weekend is one in which there is no homework assigned to be completed. Students and parents both look forward to R&R weekends!

Is there a Family Directory?
A family directory will be compiled at the beginning of the school year. More information to come as it is available.

I am a new parent. Is there an experienced parent who can help me with questions about CPA?
Read about the PSO Mentoring Program here.
Visit the New Student Information website.

How can I find out what sports programs are offered at CPA?
Read about Chandler Prep Athletics Program here.

What extracurricular clubs are offered to students?
Read about Chandler Prep Extracurricular Clubs here.

About the Chandler Prep PSO

Do I have to sign up to be on the PSO? Are there fees to belong?
Unlike some other school parent organizations, the PSO does not charge fees or dues for membership. As a parent or guardian of a student at Chandler Prep, you are automatically a member of the Chandler Prep PSO! The PSO believes that it is important that all CPA families feel connected to the school community.

What are some of the activities/programs that the Parent Service Organization supports?
There are several activities and programs that are administered or supported by that Chandler Prep PSO.
– PSO administers: Hot Lunch Program, Vending, Used Uniform Sales, PSO Website, Middle School Off Campus Socials, Parent Socials, Faculty Lunches, Teacher Appreciation, CPA Community Dinner Nights, and Revenue Generators.
– PSO supports and collaborates on: Titan Triad, Homecoming, Sports Banquets, Awards Nights, Student Socials, Practice Uniforms, Concession Sales, among other opportunities.
As you can see the PSO administers and supports many activities and programs, so we heavily depend on family involvement (translation: We need you!).

How can I support Chandler Prep and the PSO?
The best way to support the school and the PSO is to get involved by helping with any of our numerous volunteer opportunities. The PSO provides many activities/services that support the school, Chandler Prep faculty, students, and their families. In order to continue providing that support, we really need a lot of help! Parents and guardians can volunteer and provide help in many ways (in person, from home, on the computer) and the time commitment can be once a month or every day. We have something for everyone’s schedule!
– Visit the Volunteer page to learn more about ways to get involved.
– To volunteer to help, please go to our Volunteer Interest Form or contact a member of the PSO board team.

How are PSO support funds collected?
Certain programs and services offered by the PSO are designed to raise funds through their use. Currently, these programs include the lunch program, used uniforms sales, and a variety of revenue generators. The PSO administers these programs and services free of charge and strives to offer them at the lowest possible cost.

How is PSO money spent?
The funds raised by the PSO are used solely to benefit the faculty, administration, and students of Chandler Prep. No one in the PSO receives remuneration for their time and service. The PSO has a yearly general budget, voted upon by the Board and approved by the Headmaster, which specifies the items that will be supported, including: teacher appreciation activities (special faculty luncheons), hospitality for school events (Sports Banquets, commencement, graduation, curriculum nights, socials), and minimal operating costs (website hosting, paper for flyers/forms, etc.).

How can I find out more about what’s going on?
The two best ways to keep up on the latest PSO news and activities is:
1. Regularly check the PSO Website.
2. Attend the Monthly PSO Meetings.
We will work hard to keep the website updated with the latest information on events, activities, news, and volunteer opportunities.
If you have any specific questions regarding an event or activity, feel free to contact the PSO team.

What is Revenue Generation?
Learn about our revenue generation programs here.

Other Information Related to Chandler Prep

Interested to know more about Community Investment and the Tax Credit Program  – please visit this LINK

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