The Chandler Prep Enrichment Courses are a wonderful way for students to get involved in Extra-curricular activities before and after school. Our faculty have put together 10 Enrichment Courses this year to help engage and enrich students’ growth in various subject areas: Music, Art, Drama, Strategic Games and Chess, Philosophy, Writing, Science, Math, and Nature.


If you are interested in an Enrichment Course, you can find out more information by emailing the listed Faculty member for more details. Some Courses are being announced weekly in the morning announcements, while others have been running consistently and are meeting at the scheduled times on the Flyer attached below. It is acceptable for your student to attend one meeting of the Course they are interested in prior to filling out the Registration form and paying the Course Fee on the Configio Payment Portal.


Each Enrichment Course will have an attendance requirement and a final project at the end of the semester/year. The final projects will range from Music Concerts and Fine Arts Night, Science Bowl and Math Competitions, to creating a board game. Come be a part of building skills and friendships with these Courses starting this week!


2022 – 23 Enrichment Courses 

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