The uniform serves to unify our students as one community of learners, irrespective of our diverse backgrounds. The uniform also signifies to the larger community our common purpose and identity as schools in pursuit of the true, the good, and the beautiful. Finally, the uniform frees our students to pursue their intellectual and moral development as individuals, without the distractions of fad and fashion. True individuality is formed in the heart and mind, not in appearances.


The Chandler Prep PSO sells used uniforms (shirts, pants, skirts, cardigans) at a significantly discounted price. This is an easy way to buy uniforms at a terrific price! These items can be purchased at the New Student Orientation and via several sales held throughout the year.

– Polos/Shirts: $5
– Long-Sleeve Polo/Shirt: $10
– Skirts: $15
– Pants/Shorts: $5
– Long sleeve Pullover or Cardigan: $20
– Sleeveless Pullover: $10

Upcoming In-Person Used Uniform Sales:

Online Sale: If you’re not able to shop in person, online order requests may or may not be available using this ORDER LINK


Spirit Wear items are available for sale during Lunch & Lyceum (Cash Only) – see flyer below for dates.
Spirit Wear items are also available for sale at the Used Uniform Sale events – see flyer below for dates.

– Titan, Short Sleeve: $15
– Titan, Long Sleeve: $15
– Titan, Hoodie: $30
– Ladies V-Neck: $25
– Pom Poms: $4
– Eye Strip Pair: $2
– Pura Vida Bracelet: $5
– Tri Color Beaded Bracelet: $5
– CPA Headband: $5
– CPA Scrunchies: $4



Students can wear their house shirts or a plain shirt in their house color on the days that there is a house event which is announced by the school leading up to the event.

House Names and Colors:
1) Coeus – Titan of Intellect – Orange
2) Crius –  Titan of Constellations – Navy
3) Cronus – Titan of Time – Purple
4) Hyperion – Titan of Sunlight – Highlighter Yellow
5) Iapetus – Titan of Mortality – Dark Green
6) Mnemosyne – Titan of Memory – Dark Grey
7) Oceanus – Titan of the Sea – Turquoise
8) Phoebe – Titan of Radiance – Gold
9) Rhea- Titan of Mother Earth – Light Pink
10) Tethys – Titan of Freshwater – Light Blue
11) Theia – Titan of Prophesy – Light Grey
12) Themis -Titan of Justice – Maroon

House Shirts are available for sale during Lunch & Lyceum (Cash Only) – see flyer below for dates.
House Shirts are also available for sale at the Used Uniform Sale events – see flyer below for dates.

We have the following sizes in the new shirt design – Youth XYL, Adult Small and Adult Medium – $20 each. We are looking into a few more sales after this date, stay tuned for future sale announcements.

As recently announced by the school, starting this Friday house shirts may be worn by students as a replacement for a uniform shirt. This will continue each Friday until the end of the year as we get closer to end of our Titan House Competition.
– Wearing a house shirt on Fridays is completely optional, students may choose to continue to wear their regular uniform shirt if they prefer.
– No house points will be awarded for wearing a house shirt on Fridays, students will continue to have other opportunities to earn house points but wearing a house on Fridays is not one of them.


If you have uniforms in good condition but are no longer needed (they are too small for your student or your student is graduating from middle school to high school), give them a second life by donating them to the Used Uniform program! All you have to do is drop them off at the front desk during open school hours. All donations are welcomed.


Dennis Uniforms
3645 E. Indian School Rd #1, Phoenix, AZ 85018
Phone: 602.220.0302 or 1.800.854.6951

Anton Uniforms
905 North Scottsdale Rd, Tempe, AZ 85281
Phone: 480.968.6636